Important Notice

  • Enrolled Income Tax Practitioners or GST Practitioners and Commercial Tax Practitioners who are also the members of the Institute of Chartered Tax Practitioners India with practicing certificate, shall register and use this portal. (See ICTPI Membership eligibility). Affiliate Members who have not passed the NCVET recognised Consultant (Chartered Tax Practitioner) Qualification exams are not allowed to register for his facility
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Primary Applicable Licenses -
Registered Income Tax Practitioner
Registered GST Practitioner
Registered Income Tax & GST Practitioner (Both License holder)
Certified Auditor (Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Act)
Authorised Auditor (Societies & Trust under BPT Act Maharashtra)
Secondary Applicable Licenses -
Registered Sales Tax/VAT Practitioner /TRPs
Licensed Custom Broker/CHA
Registered Investment Advisor/ Financial Planner (Registered with SEBI/IRDA)
Insolvency Practitioner